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In 2015 Central Nepal was rocked by several powerful earthquakes. Entire villages were wiped out leaving millions homeless and an estimated 1.5 million children without a school to attend.

YYY Foundation is committed to rebuilding and equipping schools for poor and marginalised communities in rural Nepal.

YYY Foundation was nominated and shortlisted to the final four for start up charity of the year in the Asian Voice charity awards 2017.

YYY Foundation is run by a mixed group of Nepalese and British personnel, all of whom have a unique understanding of the cultures of the communities we work with.

YYY Foundation is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers.


Raising money for computers

Our first grant for 15 computers for Likhu School has been sent

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e2e Challenge

In October 2017 14 brave cyclists rode from east Epicentre to west Epicentre. Find out more here.

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