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Three years on

Three years on

Today, 25 April 2018, is the third anniversary of the quake that shook our world and changed the lives of millions of people forever. We will never forget the loved ones lost and the numbing shock of watching familiar places crumble to dust. But for us today is a day to look back and see how far we’ve come since that day and thank the amazing people who have made it happen.

YYY Foundation has gone from strength to strength and yes we’ve built a lot of schools but it’s not the bricks and mortar that are the legacy. It’s the sense of pride and hope reconstruction has brought to whole communities . It’s over 700 children back in school in their community. It’s the chance meetings and lasting friendships that have grown out of disaster.

Thank you everyone who supported us and worked so hard, because of your efforts we will be able to continue building and equipping more schools in 2018/19. Sera Gurung, Arun Gurung, Manisha Gurung, Phil Rouse, Helen Keen, Bo Scalaway, Sarita Keen, Mahendra Thapa, Milan Tamang, Shanta Nepali, Sudip Poudel, Ranjan Rajbandari, John Hall, Jo Crow, the Staff and Children of Box Primary School, the riders of e2e challenge 17, the staff at Yak Yeti Yak & Phat Yaks in Bath and everyone who has donated big and small.  You are all amazing.