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e2e Round Up

e2e Round Up

e2e Challenge - cycle Nepal 2017

Leadership Challenges is a Wiltshire-based social enterprise that uses adventure to inspire leadership.  In October/November 2017 and together with YYY Foundation they took 11 cyclists to Nepal to tackle 400 kilometres of tough off-road terrain between the epicentres of the two earthquakes. The route passed through the central hills of Nepal, traversing some of the areas worst hit by the 2015 earthquakes. As well as facing a tough physical challenge, the cyclists were directly exposed to the aftermath of the earthquakes and the appalling conditions in which many villagers are still living.  


e2e raised a fantastic sum of money that helped us to make some real differences to the lives of school children across the affected region.  We were able to build a second story to the secondary school in Likhu, there are now enough classrooms for all classes and the school is back to running full time.  One of the classrooms we built is a computer suite and we were able to buy 15 computers with a printer.  The additional computers for Shree Kalidevi school are thanks to e2e money as was all the funding for the first year of our teacher training program.


e2eChallenge17 was photographed by Sarah Gurung, Shanta Nepali and filmed by Tim Hunt, Hunt and Create. In testing and very challenging conditions the team produced a daily stream of short films that summed up the event brilliantly.  The final highlights film above encapsulates the tortuous journey each rider took to raise over £36,000 (plus GiftAid) for YYY Foundation. 

We are profoundly moved by their efforts and extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone for supporting this challenge of a lifetime.