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Live projects at a glance

Updated June 2023

Shree Kalika Basic Schoo, Ukhubari

Safety fencing and new gates complete this project we started in 2017.

Shree Saraswati Primary school in Kalinchok

Raising Funds to complete the upgrade £5000 raised of £6000

Womens Health, Hygine and period packs

On going project to raise funds for a further 400 girls in 2022 to recieve health education with hygenic reusable pads and underwear. £640 raised of £4000.

Shree Banakali Secondary School, Hagam

Raising funds to provide a full working computer suite in partnership with Edutech, New Zealand and the school. £2790 raised of £3000

Shree Kalika primary school, Ukhubari

Finance the building of a fence for security and safety of the children.

£4500 raised of £7000


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Shree Saraswati, Kalinchok 

Things have come a long way since we first set eyes on this broken little school, the dedication of the teachers and the community never ceases to amaze us.  We are happy to continue helping and love this new phase of development at the school.  Since building the school the number of children attending has doubled and the school needs a refit to accommodate them all.  We are planning to help with the internal fittings and landscaping the compound, there will be new hand wash and drinking water facilities too. As with all of our projects the community will be 25% of the recourses to complete the project either by raising money themselves or by giving their time voluntarily to help.

Womens Health and Hygiene

In 2022 we started on a program with Days for Girls, Nepal to introduce women’s health into secondary schools.  The remoteness of the areas where we are working girls don’t have access to pads or underwear leading to low self esteem and up to 80% of girls won’t be able to complete their education as a result.  When we visit we run a 2 hour seminar with the girls, female teachers and their mothers, the girls are taught basic sex education and hygiene. Each participant is given a period pack with all they need to be able to go to school during their periods, the pads and liners are reusable and will last up to 3 years.  We are aiming to reach a minimum of 400 more girls in 2022.


Shree Kalika, Ukhubari 

It was great to be back here after 5 years and see how well the school is doing.  All the help we gave them in the beginning has really paid off and the school is lovely.  They really need a fence, the school is very high on the side of a hill and quite dangerous especially when children run head long down the hill chasing lost footballs. The community is extremely poor, we are delighted to get involved with building them a compound fence, we will be financing 100% of this project with the villagers and teachers doing all the ground preparation work.


Shree Bankali Devi secondary school, Hagam

Having helped the primary school and built a community centre in Hagam, we are now looking to improve conditions for the secondary school.  The school really needs a computers if the children are to have a chance to graduate with the grades they need for higher education.  We are working with Edutec, New Zealand to provide a computer suite of 20 computers, software  and training for the teachers.  The community are responsible for raising the money to pay for and build the furniture, they also have to create an ongoing a maintenance fund.