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What your donations can buy


£1 = Basic learning kit for a child

exercise book, pencils, crayons and pencil sharpener

£8 = Full learning kit for a child

backpack, 2 large exercise books, pencils, crayons, pen, ruler and pencil sharpener

£12 = School uniform for a child

£15 = Sports equipment and playground toys

football, skipping ropes, volley ball, pump and net set

£50 = Desk & bench set for 4 children

£100 = Class library

reading & text books for 1 class including tin box and bookshelf (the books can be kept, overnight in the tin box, safe and away from rodents)

£280 = Computer

monitor, hard drive, key board and mouse

£500 = Toilet

traditional squat toilet and associated plumbing

£1,300 = Electricity & internet connection (where available)

£2,000 = Classroom

£7,000 = Strong room block

a secure lock up block of 2-4 rooms, for a larger school to house the office, secure storage, computer and science rooms


Makaibari School


2019 - our current fundraising effort is concentrating on relatively small amounts of around £3,600 for each school to provide a bank of 15 computers, since the new government in Nepal has added IT/Computer Science to the curriculum.  We have been able to set up Likhu school with a computer suite, working with the community who connected the school to the internet.

Computer hand over   

computers_LIkhu computers-likhu-3

Every penny counts - it is very easy to donate to YYY Foundation.

Through JustGiving, you can pledge on off donations, or set up regular contributions. 

Visit - Yak Yeti Yak, 12 Pierrepont Street, Bath

Founding trustees Sera & Sarah Gurung have a lovely Nepalese restaurant in the centre of historic British city, Bath.  As well as serving up authentic cuisine, the Gurungs cater for many of the events that raise funds for YYY Foundation.  The restaurant also offers a permanent place to pledge cash donations. 



Visit - Phat Yaks, Kingsmead Square, Bath

The Gurung family's latest food venture, Phat Yaks, is a lovely, relaxed eat in/take away street food cafe.  Occupying a sunny position in busy Kingsmead Square, you can pop in and buy a deliciously different 'curry in a hurry', pakora wrap or satisfying salad.  And while you're there you can find out more about YYY Foundation and pledge your support.

Phat Yaks